Quick Crocodile Survival Tips

Gray Crocodile

Even though the majority of these deadly crocodile attacks happen in Africa and Asia it is important to remember that these strong reptiles are also found in parts of Australia and America (particularly in the Southern States). Humans are typically part of a crocodile’s diet, but in fact they’ll eat just about anything that moves. The best alternative is to give crocodiles and alligators lots of space and be careful around water where they may live. In the unlikely event that you’re attacked, you may have the ability to survive if you employ these easy instructions.

1. Steer clear of infested waters. This is the easiest way to prevent a crocodile attack. Request local governments or residents about the presence of crocodiles in rivers and lakes in your area and do not go swimming beyond the designated swimming areas. These creatures actively look at night when they’re most difficult to see, so avoid swimming at dusk or during the night.

2. In case you’ve spotted a crocodile it’s an excellent idea to remain at least 10 meters away from them so you have space to escape. If you’re passing a crocodile you don’t wish to frighten it by coming up behind it. Slap your oars on the water or make a sound so that it knows you’re there. Crocodiles will occasionally defend themselves when they’re startled. They’re much quicker in water so in case you know that the water is infested you likely won’t need to go swimming or go near the water.

3. Run away. If you happen to get dangerously near a crocodile you should have the ability to outrun it on property. Alligators and Crocodiles generally use the element of surprise when attacking their prey so they will probably not follow you quite far on land. Don’t try to hop over to these guys, it probabaly wont work out for you.

4. Fighting if you’re attacked. If it’s you between its jaws it doesn’t let go. The ability of their snacks are almost impossible to escape struggling your way out. Also in the event that you struggle the creature is more likely to perform a death roll that is generally what crocodiles do to tear off limbs animals. This is the prime goal and it’ll work virtually every time. If you can’t reach the eyes for some unknown reason you might also opt for the nostrils or ears. This is less likely to work but it could be your only alternative. In case you’re dragged under water you can always select the palatal valve. Crocodiles and alligators have a flap of tissue supporting their tongues that protect their throats and prevents water from getting in their stomach. If you can pry this valve open and allow water to rush down its neck then it will almost certainly let you go.

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