Batman Vs Superman


I am glad that’s out-of-the-way now as I’ve said it out loud. I came to the movie with a lousy sense of what I anticipated and immediately I was caught up.

The Superman hero was played exceptionally well by Henry Cavill. I truly adore Christopher Reeve so I find that I always arrive expecting the celebrity never to be capable of living up to his standards. I was impressed with Henry from the previous picture, but he outdid himself this time.

Ben has received mixed reviews but by the end I was stating that he’s among the best to play with the dark character. I was so impressed; I arrived home to look at other Ben Affleck films to discuss his acting career.

As a young girl I remember usingĀ Wildlife Control a Wonder Woman outfit and I was pleased to wear it out as far as possible. I also remember how sad I was when I climbed from it. She played with the powerful Amazonian girl that would be anticipated and Gal Gadot was magnificent. I can see this woman creating a demand for a whole new generation to purchase their costumes for the children or for another Supernova Pop Culture Expo.

I believe the inner nerd in all of us was waiting for an excuse to get out there and be seen. The heros are epic the bad guys are really bad and the scenery used is so amazing that you forget that you’re watching a movie. The fight scenes actually tear up the place and make you feel the effect when someone gets hit.

For those who understand the Lex Luthor character, played by Jesse Eisenberg is very funny. As with the typical bad guys, you kind of want them to live so you can see what else they get around.

I did feel that they might have cut an hour out and incorporating in the characters of the future Justice League was too much. The story line was more than sufficient on its own without sidelining to what felt like a trailer for another film, within the current film.

Overall I loved it and can not await another Justice League movie to come out. The critics are mad. Batman Vs Superman was amazing.

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